Permanent needle reveals its secrets

The purpose of this publication is to acquaint Russian-speaking audience with a relatively young innovative direction in world medicine, which can become a viable alternative to expensive medical treatment in the near future. It is called implant acupuncture. The author of the idea and inventor of the new treatment method is Ulrich Werth, German scientist, neurobiologist, and holder of Habilitation Degree in Medicine

Many of you probably have got experience with acupuncture. This is an ancient oriental technique. Its essence lies in stimulating active points of the human body with special reusable needles. However, this kind of acupuncture gives a temporary local effect and requires a large number of sessions.

After many years of practice in the field of traditional medicine, Dr. Werth has studied Oriental medicine for a long time, attending Beijing Acupuncture School. He was the first to come up with a genius but simple idea: why not provide permanent stimulation with needles by means of implantation? It would be a synthesis of eastern and western medicine! The needle would become permanent!

The doctor conducted his first experiments on his relatives and himself. The results were striking. In 2001, he made his first report at the World Congress in Berlin and presented the first successfully cured patients. Earlier, all these people suffered from a severe ailment – Parkinson’s disease, which practically does not lend itself to medical treatment.

The human ear was chosen as the object of stimulation according to Dr. Werth method. Medical literature points to the fact that the ear is a kind of copy of the human embryo. Having examined the ear, a specialist can determine the patient’s condition. Moreover, ​​the auricle has got many active points, affecting which any organ can be controlled.

Needles of minimal dimensions, made of special medical titanium alloy are used as implants. An apparatus for needle insertion was also developed separately. In fact, it is a mini-syringe with spring and trigger mechanisms.

The implantation process is almost painless – it resembles a usual intramuscular injection. Complete healing takes place after 2 or 3 days. Depending on the nature and extent of the disease, the positive effect may not occur immediately after the implantation session but only after a certain time (two to three weeks or months after).

Being acutely aware of the need for his method for many patients, Dr. Werth and his team have done a great job to popularize it in recent years. However, this initiative met fierce resistance from the pharmaceutical industry because pharmacists do not want to lose their super-profits. This once again underscores the effectiveness of the new medical direction.

Dr. Werth is also engaged in writing books, publishing articles, and participating in medical conferences. He has got many students and followers in Europe and Latin America. It is noteworthy that a center of medicine was opened under his leadership in Valencia (Spain).