Parkinson’s disease treatment

Parkinson’s disease is caused by insufficient dopamine production. How to treat Parkinson’s disease? As a rule, in modern medicine, the dopamine produced by the body can be substituted with a medication. This leads to a short-term improvement, but its prolonged use may cause another disease. Moreover, such treatment is very expensive. In the case of Parkinson’s disease, a large number of medications are used, long-term administration and increase in dosage of which lead to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, heart failure, neurological and psychiatric complications (for example, hallucinations).

Dr. Werth method allows the renewal of dopamine production, thus providing substantial relief to the patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. According to Dr. Werth method, the process of recovery after treatment of Parkinson’s disease runs as individually as the course of the disease itself. Many patients experience instant improvement immediately after such treatment. But successful result is achieved only a few months or even years after the intervention.

Nerve cells and a synapse, which serves to transmit a nerve impulse between two cells, must be activated and restored. So there is a wave-like improvement and the return of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Any surgery under general anesthesia, prolonged stress, alcohol or drug abuse, and side effects of medication therapy may become an obstacle to recovery.

Alzheimer’s disease treatment

When short-term memory fails, perhaps we are facing a case of Alzheimer’s disease, the 21st-century pandemic. Such a diagnosis is a long path of suffering for both patients and their families. As long as Alzheimer’s disease remains untreatable, it is a sword of Damocles for our society.

Dr. Werth offers an alternative treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, based on the development of acupuncture,

or more precisely, on regenerative auriculotherapy. After successful treating fifteen patients with cognitive impairment, Dr. Werth achieved reversible dementia in three of these patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Werth defends the theory that the same result can be achieved in all patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, not burdened by co-existing diseases, such as blood circulation problems, severe dementia or other serious brain diseases.

Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a long-lasting neurological disease which causes problems with the basic body functions. The effects of the disease differs according to the individual concerned and is a disorder of the central nervous system. Most people experience their first symptoms between the ages of 15 and 50. Individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) may experience one or more of a variety of symptoms, possibly affecting individuals physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and/or in ways that others can’t see (the “invisible” symptoms of MS). The types and severity of symptoms differ greatly between people with MS, so one person’s experience with this disorder may be very different from another’s.

Therapy with the permanent needle can  be applied for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Some of the symptoms of this disorder can be sudden muscle spasms and weakness, fatigue and tiredness, difficulties walking due to weakness in the limbs or instability when walking, visual or auditory alterations, constipation, urinary incontinence, erection or vaginal lubrication problems, swallowing or articulating depressive words or moods. There are multiple sclerosis treatments that can improve your quality of life.

The use of permanent needles in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS)

Many of these symptoms can be treated with acupuncture, as can be seen in many old manuscripts of traditional Chinese medicine.

Probably you are wondering now what is the novelty of our therapy?

It is the use of permanent implants or needles, which allows to perform the treatment of the Multiple sclerosis in a single session, something that with traditional acupuncture would be much more complicated and less efficient because it would involve the need to perform sessions with a frequency of two or three times a week for the rest of the patient’s life, and also, with a very high number of needles, which in traditional auriculotherapy would be practically unfeasible.

With our technique we can treat the patient in a single session lasting approximately 30 to 45 minutes, in which numerous tiny titanium permanent needles are implanted under local anesthesia in both auricular pavilions, in such a way that the needles are performing their Peripheral stimulation permanently in the patient without the need to attend more sessions. Due to the fact that MS is a chronic disease which involves damage to the sheaths of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord and progresses continuously, we implant a large number of needles – between 150 – 180 needles.

The needles stimulate the nerve endings by which it is possible to recuperate cells of the brain and the nerves. By this they reactivate the self-regulation of the own production of dopamine and neurotransmitter substances.

One of our patients with MS who has been treated in 2012 reported about  important improvements. Some of the changes that we can see are:

  • Less weakness in arms and legs
  • Less feeling of tiredness
  • Less difficulty to move arms and legs
  • Less difficulty to walk
  • Better stability when walking
  • Less constipation due to medication
  • Less urinary urgencies
  • Better word articulation
  • Less difficulty to swallow


What is RLS?  RLS (the Restless Legs Syndrom) is a disorder of the part of the nervous system which causes an urge to move the legs. Usually it interferes with sleep, that’s why it is also considered a sleep disorder.
Untreated moderate to severe RLS can lead to about a 20 percent decrease in work productivity and can contribute to depression and anxiety.
In our center the Restless legs Syndrome can be treated with permanent acupuncture. The technique we work with consists in the implantation of  small medicinal titanium implants under the skin into the cartilage of the auricular pavilion (auriculopuncture), in order to stimulate certain points of auriculotherapy to produce the desired therapeutic effects and improve the quality of life of the patient with restless legs syndrome.
In this regard, a clinical trial which concludes the existence of indications about the usefulness of acupuncture with auricular implants (auriculopuncture) in restless legs syndrome has been published. The fact that a reduction of dopaminergic drugs due to the improvement of the symptoms was possible speaks for itself.
During the last fifteen years the Center of neuro-regenerative Medicine has treated many patients with RLS and experienced great successes.


Epilepsy is a neurological disease which attracts a lot of attention in medicine because women and men at any age, from any race can become diseased.
Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disease which occurs due to excessive discharges and abnormal electric pulses caused by certain neurons of the central nervous system which produce epileptic attacks.
In the Center for neuroregenerative Medicine we offer the treatment with advanced auricle therapy.
What does this treatment consist in? The treatment consist in the implantation of micro implants, which are made of medical titanium, into the ears. These small needles reactivate the self-regulation of the own production of dopamine and neurotransmitter substances. The therapeutical effect of the therapy is a result of the constant stimulation originated from the needles in the ears to produce reactions of the organism.
With this therapy we have discovered a considerable benefit for patients with neurological diseases. 
This is how we try to recover the well-being and the autonomy of persons affected. 

Other diseases

Auriculotherapy with the permanent needles can be successfully used to treat and improve the quality of life of patients with a number of other diseases, among which are:

● Restless legs syndrome
● Multiple sclerosis
● Degenerative and hereditary neurological disorders
● Huntington’s disease
● Friedreich’s disease
● Asthma
● Migraine



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