Frequently asked questions

How successful is treatment with acupuncture implants?


As already described in Part 1, great opportunities are set before patients suffering from incurable and chronic diseases thanks to the use of implant acupuncture. The effect of the needles that are under the skin is constant and continuous. Testimonials of patients with Parkinson’s disease, who have had such needles for more than 30 weeks, indicate continuous improvement in their condition. Moreover, positive results are observed in those patients suffering from headache, overweight, joint diseases, and also high pressure.

More than 5,000 patients underwent the implantation with the permanent needles.

Moreover, alcohol and nicotine addictions, as well as allergies of various kinds are cured with the help of such implants. If the acupuncturist stimulates the correctly selected active points, a prolonged stabilization of a patient’s condition improvement is ensured.

It is interesting that there is no oversaturation effect during the treatment. That is, when the energy balance in the body is restored, the permanent needles continue to support it. For example, when an overweight person normalizes weight, then this patient will not continue losing it in the future.

How does implant acupuncture affect the course of the disease?

Summing up all of the above, we can conclude that the invention and use of the implant needles, as well as their continuous impact on the disease, is of utmost importance. The needles act as a catalyst for a healthy reaction of the body, which fights the disease with the help of additional energy.

What are the possible side effects?

In connection with the fact that the implant needles are a catalyst for the body defenses, there are no special side effects. Acupuncture causes only natural balance recovery.

Is there any risk of inflammation in the course of treatment?

During the use of titanium needles, no cases of inflammation were detected. If redness or itching occurs in the area of the ​​implantation, antibiotics should be taken as directed by the doctor.

Actually, the risk in the field of aesthetic surgery is much higher.

Naturally, if any infection occurs after the implantation of the permanent needles, the inflammatory process is possible. Therefore, I strongly advise you not to touch your ears for a few days.

What is the treatment of overweight patients like?

Usually, overweight patients are most grateful.

Acupuncture makes it possible to reduce a person’s tendency to overeat. In some cases, it even seems to me that the patient ran to a vegetarian camp overnight…

Is it possible to treat several diseases with the help of acupuncture?

The answer is YES! The permanent needles harmonize the energy streams, which allows influencing the diseased organs favorably.

Do the implant needles annoy the patient?

No, they do not interfere with a person’s normal life at all. They cannot even be noticed after being implanted into the ear. Their presence is felt only with palpation.

How painful is the procedure of acupuncture?

Of course, you feel a slight prick during a needle injection. But it is nothing in comparison with piercing. Patients who want to recover endure acupuncture with pleasure.

Can the implantation of the permanent needles be applied for curing other diseases?

Yes, they can be of help for patients with excess weight, chronic pain, neurological diseases, as well as problems associated with sexual vigor. In general, any abnormalities and diseases can be cured with acupuncture. Even different addictions.

In the case of any complex disease, when traditional medicine proves ineffective, our needle implant therapy is worth a try. We have positive changes in many such cases.

How is acupuncture tolerated along with medications?

Good enough. Medical treatment should go in parallel with the treatment by means of the implants, especially in the early days after the session. Later, the patient should notify his or her family neurologist of a reduction in the dose of medications. In general, acupuncture is well tolerated along with the use of medications. At the same time, in the event of improvement in his or her condition (for example, in the case of elevated blood pressure), complete refusal of medication is possible.

However, I do not advise to abruptly and completely abandon the intake of medicines. First, there must be a significant improvement in the condition from the permanent needles. Only after this, refusal of medication is possible.

People often remember the nightmarish legend of a needle that travels inside the body – this fiction is passed down through the generations. Personally, I have never seen the needles that would move themselves in the body. Even if it is theoretically possible, the needle would go out in an easier way – outside through the skin. But titanium needles are not capable of this. If you suddenly find out about such a case, please inform me of it.

When do the implants start to work?

The positive effect of the implants can occur right after acupuncture, strengthening the stimulation of the body. A so-called temporary deterioration is also possible. That is, deterioration may occur after acupuncture or on the day following it, but a rapid improvement begins after that. However, this phenomenon is very rare (about 5% of the patients I examined witnessed it). But this only proves the operability of the implants. Well-informed patients know that such deterioration poses no danger because it will disappear soon.

How long does the effect of the permanent needles last?

It can be assumed that the effect of the needles is permanent. I have the right to make such an assumption after a re-examination of the patients who have had such implants for more than a year. Nevertheless, I thought a lot about the case if the needles suddenly cease to function. Theoretically, this is possible (it happens during the usual acupuncture treatment) if there is a resistance field. In this case, we need to add a few more needles to overcome this resistance. There are also special apparatuses capable of activating the necessary points.

What are the cases of symptoms or diseases where the acupuncture treatment is not suitable?

One of my cured patients even came up with a special medication that stimulates the needles and hence their effect. However, I doubt its practical application.

In this case, I have another advice. In the process of light stroking of the ear, its stimulation is provided. During two or three months, some patients, who underwent the implantation, report that their concentration has been significantly improved during sports, in particular, skittles. Thus, the permanent needles stimulate the work of certain parts of the brain.